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If every able person who knows himself

Human is a perfect human being and is the most perfect of all creatures that God has created. As a creature, humans have a role as an individual for himself and as social beings with the environment surrounding communities in addition to the main role of the servant so that compulsory worship God as creator.

But of the many people in this world, few people know who is capable and able to make himself self-introspection. Why is that? Because, the energy required for a super large can see ourselves. In that sense, it is not easy to assess and improve our lack of our lack, which is easy to assess the lack of other people and lack of criticaster without other people want to see and fix the lack of our own.

Then what can increase the sensitivity so that the soul is able to perform self-introspection on ourselves?
First, we must of course is always juxtapose themselves to God as the God who created us.
Second, is the Intention to be a better time.
Third, Learning to be more sensitive to the environment around us.
Fourth, interact with people well, because friends have a very strong role in shaping life and our behavior.

It is not easy to be a good time and lack of know "our soul" and make improvements for any deficiencies in our private, and also my own experience. How hard I remove a sense of revenge against the people I have hurt. A sense of how difficult "dag dig dug" when meeting with people who have made me angry, how hard can also to be reasonable before the people - people that we have the charisma it more than us.

It is not easy to be a personal quality, but we are in charge appear to be best in every opportunity.

And if we can go through and fix all the deficiencies in ourselves, that is pure Indonesian man.

That is a bit of any posts from my reverie at this time, perhaps from friends who want to give any response to any posts for me?

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