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Do not until the events in Iran post-Candidate Presidential Election going on in Indonesia

Implementation of the presidential election and the vice president to stay 2 more days. Fidget may currently experienced by the three candidates Presidential Candidate us. With a hard struggle with the success of the team respectively, they have been trying to campaign for engaging the voters.

On 8 July 2009 later, the fate of candidates and the fate of this nation will be determined. With the election a just and fair are expected to later be able to get leaders who are really to be the choice the majority of the people. People have full rights to distribute their aspirations, whether to make choices or even choosing not at all.

However, because the choice we will determine the fate of the nation 5 years, hopefully the people of this nation are able to think wisely in determining their choice. People we are not stupid ... they know which prospective leaders of quality or not.

And we hope, when the elected leaders will hope that can fulfill the promise - a promise that they have their say to the people during the campaign. Noble attitude, want to acknowledge the opponent must always triumph in the heart of our candidates, because if not, it will become garbled polemic and post-election atmosphere. Do not until the case is going on in Iran over our beloved nation. "" Do NOT HAPPENS TO riot ""

I am more optimistic future elections can run smoothly, because the nation and the people of indonesia this still has the soul of unity and love for the high ground water. But on the other hand, the candidate must be a leader we can be good for sample of our people.

And also the support of the mass media which can be a disseminator of news polite, the people we will not be easily affected by the news that he miring see and hear it.

Congratulations to the selection, use your vote, because you will be involved in determining the nation 5 years.

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gaper said...

Ketika mencalonkan diri harus sudah siap dengan segala resikonya termasuk gak terpilih dan harus berjiwa besar menerimanya..

Semoga lancar, sukses, damai dan aman..

Mr. Windu said...

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