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If you are a Michael Jackson "Jacko"

Perhaps the first time is an artist who died while getting treatment outside of normal. Millions of people are lost and millions of people follow the funeral either directly on site or through direct broadcast television that emanated from almost all countries in the world. In terms of time required for the preparation of funeral costs up to the required process for the mega stars cemetery is also the extraordinary.

Michael Jackson or Jacko is a mega star who at this time by the fans and musicians of the world received an award as the King of Pop. Indeed nickname is appropriate for a Michael Jackson. With the popularity of, copyrighted works such as songs that he has provided the field of music, the variety of abilities such as music Pop, Rock, Blues, Rock n Roll, dance, and so he was able to do very well. He may be the only mega-star at this time is capable of the different types of music and dance is

now, the mega-stars have been no different and leave an impression in the community and the fans. There is an impression sentimental, sad, concerned participate, on the news of his death until the time is not yet clear. But behind all that we can see that the mega stars that have very complex problems that we may never experience.

Jacko be told that kind of experience insomnia a few days before until he died. Can you imagine how tortured if you can not sleep one night only ..

And in this process burial may have occurred several record breaking, including the news that I see from the television, Parking Tickets for the funeral Jacko reach $ 30, and may be the Tickets for these parking at this time.

If you are a Michael Jackson, what will you do when you live with the fame you have acquired as a Mega stars?

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